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Welding Manager© is a Welding Data Management Software Solution that stores all of your organization's welding data with Full Welders, Joints, Lines, Tanks, Contractors Traceability, including welding procedures, Welders Qualifications, Inspection Reports (VT,NDE RT, UT, PT, MT, HT ...Etc), PQR & WPS Registration, Test Packages ...Etc; for Piping and Tanks and comply with ASME & API Standards.

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Welding Manager© is a Welding Data Management software package that can store all of your organization's welding data, including welding procedures, inspection data, personnel data, WPS, Visual Inspection, Radiographic & NDE Code-wise Reporting (ASME & API), and more.

Welding Manager© leverage Owner Operators, EPCs and Manufacturers built-in monitoring, and welding documentation features to capture a complete picture of their weld processes and activities using the software without any additional stand-alone hardware monitoring equipment.

This secure, searchable, and expandable electronic archive of welding information can improve operational efficiency and reduce documentation management costs.

It Applies Standards Rule, controls users inputs, and permission. It also provides a link between functions and documents, enabling full traceability for all welding activities before, during, and after welding. Routine use of Welding Manager© can satisfy ISO9000 and EN279 documentation requirements.

With Welding Manager©, you can protect, maintain, search, and retrieve weld information and documentation. A variety of records can be stored, including: procedure qualification records, welding procedure specifications, welder performance qualifications, inspector qualifications, inspection records, and weld production status records.

Welding Manager© is a web-based Welding Management Solution, take advantage of using on-permise & cloud infrastructures. It offers an intuitive interface and can be accessed from any browser or smartphone devices. The software can be customized to integrate with ERP & Materials & Inventory systems.

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